SportzGemz5 – Plaid



SportzGemz provide an easy to use, natural, odor removing solution.  Our pouches are natural odor eliminators.  Yes, they eliminate the odor.  The volcanic mineral inside the pouch sucks the smell, and the moisture, out of the shoes, gloves, skates… and into the mineral.  This process is called adsorption.  The mineral stores all the moisture and smell for months and continues to suck it out of the stinky sports equipment.  Eventually, the mineral becomes saturated in smell and moisture molecules.  Placing the pouch in the sun will release everything stored and re-energize the pouch.


4 shoe or gloves size pouches for skates, gloves, cleats, sneakers…
1 larger pouch to be left in the sports bag…
Use in hockey bags, ringette bags, football equipment…
Especially for the athlete that plays many different sports or one that has lots of equipment.
Use for 2 years.

Additional information

Weight .750 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 in

Black, Blue, Green, Black/White, Blue Camo, Green Camo, Purple/Pink Camo